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Saniclave Sterilizers

Nail Salon/Beauty
Tattoo/Body Art
Medical & Hospital
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Colony Counter

All of Revolutionary Science Saniclaves are steam sterilizers, also known as autoclaves. Revolutionary Science has been manufacturing the Saniclave product line since 2005. Saturated steam is generated by pressurized boiling water within the autoclave chamber. Steam sterilization is judged to be the most effective form of killing microbes and spores for medical and laboratory applications. Although Revolutionary Science manufacturers laboratory autoclaves, all Revolutionary Science medical autoclaves are registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration and are cleared for human use. Common uses for the Revolutionary Science Saniclave line are microbiology, medical, bio-identical hormone therapy (BHRT), dental, surgical, orthodontics, veterinary, tattoo and body-art, nail salon and general clinical applications. The launch of the Saniclave 200 has been featured on NPR, Boston Globe and other popular news outlets.