Water Baths

water bath applications

Revolutionary Science is a long standing manufacturer of digital and analog water baths, since 2003, known as the Revolutionary Science Pro Bath line. The Poly Pro Baths range in size and sophistication, including Wi-Fi capability and dual chamber technology. The polypropylene liners chemically resistant and an excellent choice for applications, where bleach or other chemicals may be added to the water to prevent cross contamination. Stainless steel baths can pit, corrode and scale evn under normal use as class I distilled water will pull ions out of the stainless chamber. Corrosion does not occur with polypropylene water baths.

Common applications for water baths are DNA extraction, protein purification, bacteria transformation, CRISPR, agar and agarose melting and thawing embryos, sperm and vaccines. The Mini Pro Bath is the only Revolutionary Science water bath that is analog and is equipped with an aluminum chamber instead of polypropylene for rapid heating applications, like boiling agar or agarose.

Area of Focus Applications
Microbiology Warm media Acid degree value test – dairy
Food/Beverage Thaw sperm & embryos DNA extraction
Bacteriology Thaw vaccine Protein purification
Pharmaceutical Bacterial trans/heat shock Protein denaturing
Molecular Biology Cell culture Digestions
LPC tests Cell lysing
PCR sample prep Enzymatic & serologic

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