AP Bio Enzyme Activity

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Kit Includes:
1.5mL Guaiacol Concentrate
50mL 1.0% Hydrogen peroxide
100mL pH 3 Buffer
100mL pH 5 Buffer
100mL pH 6 Buffer
100mL pH 7 Buffer
100mL pH 8 Buffer
100mL pH 10 Buffer

Materials needed but not supplied:
Test Tube 16x150mm
8 Test Tube Racks
16 Graduated Pipettes 1mL
8 Graduated Pipettes 5mL
16 Graduated Pipettes 10mL
8 Pipette Pumps or Pipette Bulbs
8 Timers/ Stop Watches Parafilm or Similar
Distilled or Deionized Water

Recommended: Spectrophotometer

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