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Saniclave-Autoclave 50 – NON-FDA


  • 8 liter stainless steel chamber
  • Sterilizes solid instruments, great for microbiology, cooking media or agarose, garbage, general lab use and veterinary.
  • Standard 121ºC, 30 minutes.
  • Lightweight, portable, burn-free exterior.
  • Not for human medical use.



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Saniclave-Autoclave 50 – NON-FDA

The American Made Saniclave 50 is fashioned with a simple push button operation. The thermally protective polymer skin eliminates burn risk. Low water and under and over temperature alarms assure safety and effectiveness during operation. A corrosion resistant, stainless steel chamber makes this steam sterilizer durable and easy to clean. The Saniclave 50 delivers exceptional performance at a low price.
Assembled in USA

Non-FDA cleared



Pressure: 15 psi
Internal Temperature: 121°C
Sterilization Cycle: 30 minutes
Capacity: 8L
Net Weight: 5.4kg (12lbs)
Power Requirements: 110-130 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 1250 W
Display: Digital time and/or temperature
Durability: Rugged stainless steel chamber and cover
Safety: Over temperature alarm
Load type: Solid, non-lumened, unwrapped medical instruments

Basket dimensions
Overall height: 7.375in
Inside height: 6.5in
Diameter: 8.5in



One button operation
Durable construction
Safe burn free exterior
Display: Digital time and/or temperature
Safety: Over temperature alarm
Rugged stainless steel chamber and cover
Load type: Solid, non-lumened, unwrapped medical instruments

Area of Focus



General lab use



Bacteria slides

Liquid media

Used Petri plates


Note: If an error occurs a warning will show on the display and alarm will sound. The load must be considered non-sterile. The sterilizer and load should then be investigated. Contact Revolutionary Science if problem persists.

Display does not turn on.
If the power cord is unplugged, display will go blank to signal a power disruption or an aborted cycle. User may abort the cycle anytime, during, preheat or sterilize. By unplugging the power cord. If power cord is plugged back in, the display will read ‘-00’ for ‘standby mode.’ The contents of the load shall be considered non-sterile.

If the power cord is plugged in and the display is blank, the cover may not be properly closed and the tab may not be engaging the safety switch in the back of the autoclave. Close the cover again with the tab properly inserted into the slot in the back. See page 8 in manual.

Error: Preheat too long (Leaky seal): Display reads “Lo”
If the chamber gets warm and the door seal is in need of replacement, the display will read ‘Lo’ Press ‘START’ to acknowledge the error. Take off the door. Remove door gasket. Inspect the door gasket for cracks. Replace with a new gasket if necessary. Reinstall gasket into door. Properly close door by lining up arrows on door and on body and twisting the door closed. Restart the cycle.

Error: Preheat too long (Leaky ZPD): Display reads “Lo”
The ZPD valve is one of the most important parts of the Saniclave. When the steam builds, the ZPD rises and seals so the chamber can build pressure for sterilization. If the chamber gets warm and the ZPD valve (small, blue and aluminum valve inside the chamber cover) is damaged or not fully engaging, steam will continue to leak out the vent tube in the back during sterilization or the cycle will abort and the display will read ‘Lo.’ Press ‘START’ to acknowledge the error. Take off the cover. Inspect the ZPD grommet (small blue grommet in the center of the cover) for cracks. Replace with a new ZPD if necessary. If installed correctly, the ZPD should hang and move up when pushed up and drop down loosely under it’s own weight . Inspect the white rubber steam vent directly above the ZPD to confirm that it is not interfering with the ZPD rising. The two screw handles can be removed for further inspection of the ZPD and steam vent.

Error: Over Temperature Alarm: isplay reads “Oht”
If temperature exceeds the maximum of 124°C the display will read ‘Oht.’ Press ‘START’ to acknowledge the error. Open door when chamber has cooled. Remove load from chamber. Refill reservoir. Reinsert load. Close the door. Restart cycle. If an over-temperature condition occurs again, contact Revolutionary Science to investigate the problem further. Discontinue use until problem is resolved.

Error: Low Water: Display reads “Lo”
The door must close properly or there will be no power. Verify the door tab is engaged with the corresponding slot in the back of the unit. This will activate safety switch. The tab on the door, must be inside that slot to actuate the safety switch.

Power Outage. Display reads  “–00” partway during cycle initiated.
If a power outage occurs the display will revert to standby mode and read ‘-00.’ It will not display “CC” until the Saniclave is restarted and a successful cycle is passed. This would happen even if the outage took place after a successful completion of a cycle and the unit was left unattended. If this occurs refill with water and restart sterilization cycle.

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 17 in


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