gel box used for DNA electrophoresis
complete DNA electrophoresis system
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RevBox DNA Electrophoresis Chamber

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The Revolutionary Science RevBox DNA gel box is ideal for DNA electrophoresis. The RS-RB-100 has patent-pending MMO electrodes that will not corrode under high voltage and are virtually indestructible. The molded chamber is made of crack-resistant polycarbonate and is complete with a flip-top lid. Up to two 100mL gels can be run simultaneously, totaling 64 samples at once! Rubber end caps are included to seal the casting tray. The 100 mL gel is large enough to use in published scientific data, but affordable enough for academic purposes.

Assembled in USA


Areas of Focus



DNA electrophoresis

Product Specifications

Construction: Molded, seamless chamber, polycarbonate
Terminal material: Patent-pending MMO
Casting tray size: 100mL (up to 2 casting trays can be used simultaneously)
Total volume: 900mL
Voltage: Compatible with low and high voltage power supplies
Net Weight: 0.68kg (1.5lbs)
Safety: Easy to use flip-top lid, cuts power when opened.
Dimensions: 7cm tall x 12.7cm wide x 10.2cm deep
2.8” tall x 5” wide x 4” deep

Product Features

Corrosion resistant Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) electrodes
100ml casting tray (1 included)
8/16 tooth comb for wells (1 included)
shatter resistant polycarbonate chamber