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Showing 73 - 83 of 83 products
Wire Rack
Sale price$25.00
Spare Incufridge key set
Spare Incufridge key set
Sale price$75.00
autoclave stainless steal basket
Revspin 1.5 mL rotor with tubes
RevSpin 16 position Rotor
Sale price$58.00
Replacement Printer for RS-SC-200
Mini Pro bath cover
Sale price$20.00
IncuCount 200-Pro automated colony countercolor detection on colony counter
IncuCount 150 basic automated colony counterIncuCount Colony Counter RS-IC-200 IC Display
power supply for DNA electrophoresis gelscomplete DNA electrophoresis system
Electrophoresis Power Supply
Sale price$281.00
Crosstex Sterilization Pouches, 5.25" x 10" Size

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