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Showing 1 - 24 of 83 products
door seal for autoclave sterilizer
Rubber button steam release
Autoclave part ZPD
Laboratory water bathwater bath for laboratory use front view
cover for water bath
Chilling incubator Incufridge 233pro front viewopen door chilling incubator Incufridge 233pro
Tray Box
RS-102 micro centrifuge with rotors and adaptorstop view of micro centrifuge
Incufridge 273pro front view of the Chilling incubatorIncufridge incubator back side 273pro
Incufridge 233 basic chilling incubator front viewIncufridge 233 basic chilling incubator door open
Incufridge 253 pro front view of the chilling incubatorIncufridge Chilling Incubator RS-IF-253 Pro angle front view door closed-2
Certificate of Calibration
Micro Centrifuge Tubes, Rainbow Pack
Tray Support
top loading autoclave sterilizertop loading sterilizer top view
Revspin 0.2 mL PCR rotor with tubes

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