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Introducing our newest lineup of chilling and refrigerated incubators.

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Full Chilled Incubator Spec Sheet for Incufridge 300 Series

Discover Top-Quality Chilled Incubators and Refrigerated Incubators at Revolutionary Science

If you're in the market for a high-quality refrigerated incubator, also popularly known as a chilled incubator, consider the advanced options available from Revolutionary Science. Since 2005, Revolutionary Science has been a leading manufacturer of thermoelectric-based chilled incubators, catering to diverse scientific needs.

Our IncuFridge refrigerated incubators are designed for a variety of precise applications, making them perfect for both standard and advanced laboratory requirements. These applications include DNA storage at a steady 4°C, C. elegans reproduction at 16°C, BOD water analysis at 20°C, yeast growth at 30°C, bacterial proliferation and CRISPR gene editing at either 37°C or 42°C, and spore testing between 55-60°C.

Available in three distinct models, our IncuFridge chilling incubators cater to different sizes and complexities to fit any lab's requirements. Features include intuitive color touch screens, advanced temperature programming, clear interior doors for easy monitoring, built-in data logging, and Wi-Fi connectivity for remote management.

Each model is insulated with polystyrene foam and constructed with durable stainless steel chambers and rugged powder-coated steel enclosures. Utilizing environmentally friendly solid-state Peltier devices for heating and cooling, our refrigerated incubators operate without the need for traditional refrigerants.

Revolutionary Science's IncuFridge chilling incubators have gained prominence in the biotechnology field and were even featured on the popular CBS TV show, ZOO.

Whether for rigorous scientific research or standard laboratory use, the IncuFridge refrigerated incubator is your ideal solution. Purchase your IncuFridge chilled incubator today and enhance your scientific experiments with reliability and precision.