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Erlenmeyer Flasks, with Screw Cap

Size: 100mL 6 pack
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Recommended for culturing, mixing and storing applications. Borosilicate glass flasks are designed to give the best combination of thermal shock resistance and physical strength. Feature heavy-duty rims and graduations in durable white enamel. Blue screw caps with liner are autoclavable.

Properties of Glassware and Plasticware

Item # Capacity (ml) Approx. O.D. x Height (mm) Quantity per pack
FG5021-100 100 64 x 100 6
FG5021-150 150 72 x 118 6
FG5021-250 250 85 x 140 6
FG5021-500 500 104 x 175 6
FG5021-1000 1000 131 x 220 1

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