5 Benefits of Upgrading to a Professional Incubator

In the world of science, incubators are used for all types of heating and cooling needs. From blood to milk and various experiments, a wide range of companies rely on incubators on a daily basis.

When you invest in an incubator, you have many options to choose from. A professional incubator has numerous upgrades and features ideal for all types of uses. Learn about the advantages and how a professional incubator will provide your lab with safety and convenience.

1. Vibration-Free Cooling Systems

One of the key components of any incubator is to ensure all of the samples or specimen stay intact. Many professional incubators feature vibration-free systems to prevent spills and contamination while cooling or heating.

If your company does any fieldwork, the vibration protection is ideal and will provide cooling measures without causing small movements in the incubator.

For example, if you think of a standard fridge or freezer, when the cooling element kicks on, the appliance may rumble or vibrate due to fans and cooling coils. With a professional incubator, all of these subtle movements are removed from the process thanks to various forms of technology like hydrogen cooling elements.

2. WiFi Data Logging

In any type of incubator, data logging is an essential part of ensuring specimens are protected and safe. One of the main ways an incubator does this is through WiFi data logging. Instead of a lab worker manually recording temperature readings and data, everything goes automatically to a device.

Using WiFi data logs helps eliminate any case of human error and will eliminate the need for specific tasks so workers may focus on other tasks. Many professional incubators also feature USB ports so the data is downloadable directly to a storage device or a computer.

3. Power Failure Safeguards

Ensuring non-stop power to an incubator is important, and when a lab does run into power issues, incubator features can help ensure no time is wasted to get the lab up and running again.

One of the main power failure safeguards in professional incubators is built-in computer memory. With every incubator, you have the option to set custom temperatures, schedules, and presets based on what the incubator is for.

When the power goes out, the incubator’s main operating screen will store and remember all of the settings. The settings will load again instantly and eliminate the need for reprogramming everything.

4. Door Locks

Many samples and specimen within an incubator may be private, personal, or confidential. A number of professional incubators have locks to limit access. Only workers with a key may enter the incubator, adding an extra layer of protection.

If the lab or work area already has security protection in place, the incubator lock is an extra safeguard in case anyone manages to get in. The safeguard is just another way to prevent any tampering or contamination of samples.

5. Screen Alerts and Monitoring

With improper temperatures or malfunctions, a whole experiment, study, or specimen could go bad. A professional incubator will have a fully detailed LCD screen with messages, alerts, and alarms if any major problems occur.

Instead of opening the incubator to check on items, a person may monitor everything through the LCD screen and have a clear picture of the collected data on the inside. If a problem does occur, the audible alarm will alert a worker before any type of fix is too late.

The benefits of a professional incubator include many of these features, and even more exist depending on the model you purchase.

For more information on our professional incubators and how they work, contact us at Revolutionary Science. We have a wide range of models and other products to help with all your business needs.

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