Autoclaves for Tattoo, Nail, and Salon Instrument Sterilization

Afforadable and easy-to-use autoclaves

We have 3 models to choose from:

  • The Saniclave 102 is a top-loading autoclave that does not take pouched instruments.
  • The Saniclave 200 is a side-loading autoclave that takes pouched instruments.
  • The Saniclave 200P has all of the features from the 200 with the ability to print the results of each sterilization cycle for record keeping

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Most standard tattoo and body art instruments are solid, mated, porous, lumened or knurled. It is imperative to choose the correct autoclave for your application. Wrapped, pouched or loads containing gauze must be sterilized in a Saniclave 200 series autoclave, due to it’s ability to dry after the sterilization cycle. All of our FDA cleared Saniclaves have the ability to sterilize solid, non-porous, mated, hinged and knurled devices. When printer documentation is required for your practice, the Saniclave 200P is recommended. When unwrapped or unpouched sterilized tools will be used immediately after sterilization, a more simple and cost effective Saniclave 102 may be a preferred option.

Autoclave Sterilizers from Revolutionary Science

For 15 years, Revolutionary Science has been manufacturing and distributing our high-quality Saniclave autoclaves. These tabletop steamers have been FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) approved for medical use since 2012, followed by additional approvals for lumened devices like trocars.

Our Saniclave autoclaves provide efficient and effective results through steam sterilization. This process involves boiling water inside a pressurized stainless steel chamber. The steam from the boiling water then saturates the instruments being sterilized in one of the most effective forms of killing microorganisms and pathogens. according to the FDA.

Each autoclave relies on a microprocessor for precise results when it comes to temperature, pressure, and time. Learn more about the Saniclave’s uses and industries served below.