Analyze and compare proteins through electrophoresis based on size and charge

Proteins can be detected and compared through a protein electrophoresis. Protein electrophoresis uses a high voltage DC power supply, like the Revolutionary Science RS-PS-75 and a protein gel electrophoresis chamber, called the Protein RevBox. Up to two precast agarose gels are inserted into the RevBox and continuous buffer solution is added. The comb is removed to create small wells where the protein, mixed with electrophoresis dye can be inserted, via pipette. When the gel and buffer solution and dyed protein samples are added to the gel box, a DC current is applied using the power supply. As electrons move across the gel from the negative terminal (anode) to the positive terminal (cathode), the dyed DNA genes will advance across the gel based on size and charge. Genes that are smaller move faster across the gel, while genes that are positively charge will move in the opposite direction as the genes that are negatively charged.

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