Purify proteins from crude samples for

Prior to analysis of proteins by means of protein electrophoresis or spectrophotometry, the DNA and lipids must be removed from the tissue sample. A small tissue sample of an organism can be ground and pulverized by hand using a pestle and a micro centrifuge tube. This pulverized sample is now referred to as the crude sample. This process continues by rupturing and denaturing the cell (composed of DNA, carbohydrates, lipid membrane and proteins) is called lysing. Cells are lysed with lysis solution and exposed to elevated temperatures in two water baths, like the Poly Pro Bath or Dual Poly Pro Bath. A micro centrifuge, like a RevSpin and vortexer are also used in the process to remove the lipids, sugars and DNA from the mixture. When the process is complete, the proteins remain. Proteins, depending on their abundance can be analyzed through protein electrophoresis in a Protein RevBox, spectrophotometry or even liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry.

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