Centrifuge Tubes, Sterile, Racked

Centrifuge Tubes, Sterile, Racked

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Centrifuge tube and rack sets are a convenient solution for organizing and storing conical bottom tubes. Racks are made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and include holes arranged in a zigzag format for easy dispensing. Racks contain 50 of the 15ml tubes or 25 of the 50ml tubes. Sterile tubes are available in Clear or Amber styles.

Please refer to our 'Centrifuge Tube, Conical Bottom, PP/HDPE' presentation for a detailed listing of tube specifications.

Properties of Glassware and Plasticware

Item # Capacity (ml) Height (mm) Quantity per pack
P10412 15 (Racked, Sterile) 125 50 pcs x 10 Racks
P10414 15 (Sterile Amber, Racked) 125 50 pcs x 10 Racks
P10416 50 (Racked, Sterile) 120 25 pcs x 20 Racks
P10418 50 (Sterile Amber, Racked) 120 25 pcs x 20 Racks