Autoclave 50 - NON-FDA - Steam Saniclave

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    • 8 liter stainless steel chamber

    • Sterilizes solid instruments, great for microbiology, cooking media or agarose, garbage, general lab use and veterinary.

    • Standard 121ºC, 30 minutes.

    • Lightweight, portable, burn-free exterior.

    • Not for human medical use.





Saniclave-Autoclave 50 – NON-FDA

The American Made Saniclave 50 is fashioned with a simple push button operation. The thermally protective polymer skin eliminates burn risk. Low water and under and over temperature alarms assure safety and effectiveness during operation. A corrosion resistant, stainless steel chamber makes this steam sterilizer durable and easy to clean. The Saniclave 50 delivers exceptional performance at a low price.
Assembled in USA

Non-FDA cleared



Pressure: 15 psi
Internal Temperature: 121°C
Sterilization Cycle: 30 minutes
Capacity: 8L
Net Weight: 5.4kg (12lbs)
Power Requirements: 110-130 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 1250 W
Display: Digital time and/or temperature
Durability: Rugged stainless steel chamber and cover
Safety: Over temperature alarm

Basket dimensions
Overall height: 7.375in
Inside height: 6.5in
Diameter: 8.5in



One button operation
Durable construction
Safe burn free exterior
Display: Digital time and/or temperature
Safety: Over temperature alarm
Rugged stainless steel chamber and cover

Area of Focus



General lab use



Bacteria slides

Liquid media

Used Petri plates

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