Here is a look at what you should consider when you’re trying to find the right autoclave for your tattoo or piercing shop.

Top questions about autoclaves for tattoo or piercing shops

Do I need an autoclave for my tattoo or piercing shop?

Tattoo and piercing shops should consider an autoclave as an essential sterilization tool for their business.

Choosing the right autoclave for your needs can become a challenge, especially if you’re new to the type of sterilization autoclaves offer.

Can you put a tattoo machine in an autoclave?

Tattoo machines are generally too large to fit inside of an autoclave so you will need to remove the pieces you want to sterilize and place them in the autoclave machine.

How do autoclaves sterilize tattoo equipment?

Autoclaves sterilize items placed inside with heat, high pressure, and steam.

This is especially important for tattoo equipment to avoid bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens from contaminating the equipment.

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We offer affordable autoclaves for tattoo and piercing shops.

The Saniclave 102 and Saniclave 200. There are two main differences between these autoclaves.

  • The Saniclave 102 is a top-loading autoclave that does not take pouched instruments.
  • The Saniclave 200 is a side-loading autoclave that takes pouched instruments.
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What Do Your Local Laws Say about Sterilization?

Depending on where you plan to operate, the local and state laws may have regulations regarding the cleaning and sterilization of your tools you must adhere to. You can check with your local health board or any other agency that governs public health in your area.

Even if you don’t have any specific laws regarding the autoclave you choose, you can still contact those agencies to learn best practices or gain important, helpful information.

What Does Your Budget Look Like for an Autoclave?

Autoclave prices vary widely. You don’t have to choose the most expensive piece of equipment and odds are a new shop can’t afford the more high-end models. Set aside a reasonable budget for an autoclave and don’t exceed it.

Making a budget work for you is a good practice for any business, so it’s a good idea to practice it with your needed shop equipment. However, you should spend some time looking at autoclave prices, checking with other shops, or asking around, so you’ll know how much money to budget for one.

Budget-Friendly Autoclaves for Tattoo and Piercing Shops

What Can Your Space Accommodate?

The size of your shop matters a lot, and so does the dimensions of it. You will need to look around the space and figure out the best place for your autoclave. As autoclaves come in all shapes and sizes, you also have to put some consideration into the size and dimension of the autoclave itself.

A new shop likely won’t need a larger stand-up autoclave that dominates most of a wall. However, if you plan to share the shop with other tattooists and piercers, you will need an autoclave that can accommodate everyone’s tools. Otherwise, everyone will need their own individual autoclaves, which might stretch your electrical resources.

If the shop consists of just you or less than a handful of people, you may want to consider a smaller autoclave that can fit on a shelf, bench, or table. When it comes to autoclaves, bigger isn’t always better or more beneficial. Work with the space you have, then look into finding an autoclave that can comfortably fit there.

What Shape and Size Autoclave Should You Consider?

Autoclaves come in a huge number of sizes and formats. Since you know what kind of space you can dedicate to an autoclave, you can now look for the autoclave that can fit the space while doing the work you require of it.

Look for an autoclave that can accommodate the longest tattooing or piercing tool you have. If you plan to purchase new tools in the near future, make sure you consider their lengths as well. Next, consider how many instruments you may need to sterilize at any one time. With this information, you can choose an autoclave based on the chamber’s liter size.

Cycle length represents how long the autoclave sterilizing process will take. The larger the autoclave, the longer the cycle length. The larger the cylinder, the more power the autoclave will need.

In some cases, you may find it beneficial to use two smaller autoclaves, rather than one large one. This scenario can also give you a backup just in case you have problems with one of them.

At Revolutionary Science, we have high-quality, FDA-cleared autoclaves and sanitizing equipment. If you’re looking for a new, affordable autoclave for your tattoo, piercing, or body art shop, contact us right now.