Refrigerated Incubators

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products
Incufridge 273pro front view of the Chilling incubatorIncufridge incubator back side 273pro
Incufridge Professional Model 273
Sale price$4,772.00
Incufridge 253 pro front view of the chilling incubatorIncufridge Chilling Incubator RS-IF-253 Pro angle front view door closed-2
Incufridge Professional Model 253
Sale price$2,988.00
Chilling incubator Incufridge 233pro front viewopen door chilling incubator Incufridge 233pro
Incufridge Professional Model 233
Sale price$2,346.00
Incufridge 233 basic chilling incubator front viewIncufridge 233 basic chilling incubator door open
Incufridge Compact Model 233
Sale price$1,658.00
BOD bottles, unnumberedBOD bottles, unnumbered
BOD bottles, unnumbered
Sale priceFrom $341.00
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B.O.D. Bottles, Numbered
B.O.D. Bottles, Numbered
Sale priceFrom $450.00
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Wire Rack
Sale price$25.00
Spare Incufridge key set
Spare Incufridge key set
Sale price$75.00
Incufridge replacement power supply

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